Bid Dokkes Polda Papua Periksa Kesehatan Berkala Personel Polres Puncak Jaya

pemeriksaan kesehatan
Tim Bid Dokkes Polda Papua saat memeriksa kesehatan personil Polres Puncak Jaya

PUNCAK JAYA, Papua – Located in Puncak Jaya Hall, Thursday (26/7/2018), a team from the Papuan Police Doctor’s Field conducted periodic health checks for Puncak Jaya Police personnel.

Team Bid Dokkes Polda Papua consisting of team leader Dr. Iptu. Jane Framita and 2 (two) members namely Bripda Jack Suebu and TK I Suprector I Yustina Ari saaat arrived at Mulia Airport by Grand Caravan Alda PK-DLA directly to Puncak Jaya Mapolres Hall to conduct periodic health checks on Puncak Jaya personnel.

In the periodic medical examination, among others in the form of examination of blood pressure or tension, blood tests, urine examination, and examination of the heart (IKG).

The results of the examination will be announced by the team from the Bid Dokkes Polda Papua one day after the examination.

Puncak Jaya Police AKBP AF Indra Napitupulu, S.IK through Head of Sumda Polres Puncak Jaya AKP Sutardi, SH MH when it was conveyed his gratitude for the arrival of the team of Bid Dokkes Polda Papua.

“Many personnel have health complaints, so that with this activity the personnel can know what the disease is suffering,” he
said.In addition, the activities for senior personnel or elders, can control his health.

“Among them can detect the presence of disease of uric acid, heart disease, high blood pressure and other diseases that we may suffer,” added Head of Sumatera Police Headquarters Puncak Jaya.

In the same place, Team Leader from Bid Dokkes Papua Police, Iptu Dr. Jane Framita also expressed his gratitude to Kapolres and the personnel who are very enthusiastic about the health inspection activities.

“We from Bid Dokkes Papua Police will routinely check the health of the personnel, not only in Polres Puncak Jaya but in the whole Polres Papua Police ranks we will do this medical examination,” he said. [Yat]